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    120 Tesla Model Y Electric Vehicles Listed in Salvage Auctions

    Low Mileage Teslas Declared Unfit for Use by Insurance Companies

    Recently, 120 Tesla Model Y electric vehicles were listed in two large salvage auctions, with “the vast majority” having less than 10,000 miles on them, according to Reuters. Despite their low mileage, the insurance companies covering these vehicles have deemed them too costly to repair, estimated at around $50,000.

    Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk walks next to a screen showing an image of Tesla Model 3 car during an opening ceremony for Tesla China-made Model Y program in Shanghai, China January 7, 2020. REUTERS/Aly Song//File Photo

    The Debate on Right to Repair Laws

    This has sparked a debate on the “Right to Repair” laws, giving customers more control to fix their purchases. Although these laws are gaining momentum, it may not always be easy or affordable to fix a product.

    The Decreasing Ease of Car Repair

    While car repair has become less common over the years, local mechanics can still provide assistance. However, in the case of Tesla EVs, some insurance companies have deemed them not worth repairing, even with low mileage. The cost to fix a car has increased as the ease has decreased, making the Right to Repair laws even more relevant in today’s society.


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