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    Monthly Subscription of $20 for ChatGPT – The Best SEO Solution for Your Business

    “ChatGPT by OpenAI Launches Subscription Service with Priority Access and No Wait Times – Starting at $20/Month”

    OpenAI, the company behind the AI chatbot ChatGPT, is launching a new monthly subscription service in the US. For $20 per month, subscribers will enjoy priority access to the platform even during peak times, as well as early access to new features. The trial will initially be offered to a select group of users on a waiting list, but OpenAI plans to extend it more widely in the future.

    ChatGPT provides human-like responses to questions using data from the internet, which is not live-updated. Despite this, the chatbot has already been used over a million times within days of its launch and continues to captivate users with its ability to mimic a variety of writing styles, from journalists to rock stars.

    In addition to being a source of entertainment, ChatGPT is also being used for practical purposes such as writing website copy, finding recipes, and checking program code. However, some concerns have been raised about the potential for ChatGPT to be used for malicious purposes, such as writing malware, or for cheating on homework.

    OpenAI has stated that the subscription service will support the continuation of free access to the chatbot, which currently incurs a small cost for every use. With this new subscription option, OpenAI hopes to provide a more convenient and uninterrupted experience for users while continuing to support the development of ChatGPT.

    ‘Future of search engines’

    “OpenAI Unveils AI Text Detection Tool to Distinguish Human and Machine Writing”

    On Tuesday, OpenAI introduced a new tool designed to determine whether text was written by a human or by artificial intelligence. As chatbots continue to advance, some experts predict they will soon become the future of search engines, providing a single, accurate answer to search queries rather than a list of links.

    While ChatGPT, OpenAI’s language learning model, has captured the public’s imagination with its ability to mimic human writing styles, it does not currently attribute its information or offer any comment on its accuracy. This has resulted in instances of misinformation being presented as fact.

    Additionally, ChatGPT is limited to the information available on the internet as of 2021, and the current version released by OpenAI is the third generation. The company has announced that work is underway on the next iteration of the model.

    Other tech companies, including Google, are also developing language learning models. Google’s model, Lamda, was so convincing that one of the engineers working on it believed it was sentient, but this claim was denied by Google and Lamda has not been released to the public.


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